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MBZ Industrial Brands

Our team innovates and develops only best-in-class clean industrial solutions. We reject 80% of products requests to be ‘sold’ to our customers and offer only solutions based highest efficiency, lowest total cost of ownership, and regulatory impact. 97% of our offerings are made in the USA and only leading global sellers from abroad are imported. We do not seek overseas manufacturing for cost reduction, but do invite overseas innovation when best in market.
All Products Are 100% Manufacturer Warranted From Defect

Industries We Serve

Food Service & Hospitality
Fire & Safety
Schools & Office

Our Locations

Map Locations

Corporate Office Locations
Rancho Santa Margarita, California
Savannah, Georgia
Phoenix, Arizona
Houston, Texas

Distribution / Warehouse Facilities
South Dakota
South Carolina

Rates & Discounts

Rates Card Discounts: Corporate, GNO and Government purchase programs, field kits and quantity discounts available. MBZI offer’s deep discounted rates as well as supply chain management.

Shipping & Pickup

Shipping: MBZI inventories top sellers , with warehouses covering most of the US within hours or days.

Will-Call Pickup: Yes, MBZI does offer will-call for urgent needs at any of our facilities.

Payment Options

Payment Options: Proudly accept common forms of payment including credit cards.

Purchase Orders Accepted: Terms accepted with credit approval

Our Philosophy

Our team targets innovation and new technologies to assist environmental, occupational, health and safety minded companies to thrive. MBZ Industrial understands the occupational safety rules and regulations. We also understand that often OSHA states you have an “imminent danger situation” or are shut down for EPA non-compliance (actual or by policy definition) and you must respond immediately. We are here and ready.

Giving Back

MBZ Industrial was founded by a highly ambitious entrepreneur, born with physical limitations, but achieved success at a young age. Limitations haven’t hindered personal or business accomplishments and it’s a personal goal to help understand the mental barriers that children with disabilities (and often their families) unintentionally build. The MBZI team is dedicated to the concept of “doing well, while also doing good”. It’s our belief that businesses and industries can be successful, profitable and useful. We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge, our experience and our finances to worthy causes.

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